Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

How Your Furnace Affects Your Home's Air Quality

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The air quality in your home is incredibly important. Good air quality keeps your home smelling fresh, but it also keeps your family healthy. Did you know that your furnace also contributes to the air quality in your home? An issue with the furnace can lead to all sorts of problems. Learn how your furnace is connected to your home's air quality so that you can stay protected.

Inspect the Filter

People often understand the connection between their filter and their air conditioning system. However, with their heating systems, sometimes the importance of the filter goes unnoticed. Make sure you regularly look at the condition of the furnace's air filter. 

A filter clogged with excessive debris will do a less than efficient job at removing allergens and particles from the air, which means these particles will ultimately end up inside your home. While you don't necessarily have to change the filter every month, you should at least inspect the filter monthly as a good starting point. 

An HVAC technician will be able to tell you the frequency at which to replace your filter. As an added tip, if you have any allergy sufferers in the home, you might want to upgrade to a better-quality filter, as they do a better job at removing particles from the air. 

Schedule Regular Service

How efficiently the furnace is operating will also affect its air quality, especially if you have a gas-powered heater. Furnaces that run on propane, gas, or oil could release carbon monoxide into your home when not operating correctly. 

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can lead to serious injury and even death. A common reason for this issue is a crack in the heat exchanger that allows the dangerous gas to seep out. HVAC technicians always perform a total system check as part of their regular service. 

As a result, in the event of a potential danger, the technician will be able to quickly identify and resolve the problem before it puts your family at any risk. Signs of carbon monoxide exposure include unexplained dizziness, headache, and vomiting. If you notice any of these indicators, get out of the house, seek immediate medical attention, and contact a technician for emergency service as soon as possible. 

Make sure you do your part to protect your family and your furnace. For additional air quality concerns and all your heating system maintenance needs, contact an HVAC service company.


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