Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

4 AC Maintenance Tips To Keep In Mind That Can Extend The Life Of Your Unit

Floyd Carroll

Performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit is important if you want it to run efficiently and keep your energy bill down. But AC maintenance can also help you extend the overall lifespan of your unit so you don't have to fork over money for a replacement or a costly repair. Here are four AC maintenance tips that can help you keep your air conditioner running smoothly for a long time to come.

Start with the Air Filter

Most homeowners know that changing the air filter is an important part of AC maintenance, but it's worth repeating here. In particular, don't be afraid to change your filter frequently if your AC is seeing especially heavy use during the hottest days of the year. A clean filter means an efficient AC and an efficient AC will simply last longer.

Open It Up and Clean From Top to Bottom

When cleaning your air conditioner, you want to do more than just swap out the air filter. Open the entire unit and remove any debris or dust that has accumulated in other areas besides the filter. While you're at it, expose the AC coils and make sure they are wiped down and as clean as possible. It is the coils that are directly responsible for the cooling of the air that comes into the unit.

Make Sure Coil Fins Are Properly Aligned

Your condenser coils also have fins that help direct airflow into the coils. But on some AC units, these fins can be easily bent and it's possible that your AC's airflow is getting a bit blocked, causing the entire unit to run at reduced efficiency. Every time you go through your maintenance routine, make sure the fins are straight and properly aligned. Also be sure that you don't bump into or damage them while trying to clean the coils.

Check the Condensation Tube

It's common for air conditioners to create condensation as they operate and that is why your unit has a condensation tube. Don't forget to include this tube in your cleaning routine. If left unchecked, it's possible for bacteria or mildew to build up inside the tube, slowing the water flow and eventually leading to a clog that could back up in to your AC, causing damage.

Keep an eye on your air conditioner's air filter and keep the coils as clean as possible. Keep an eye on the coil fins and the condensation tube while you're at it and your AC unit should keep running without a hitch for years to come. If you do encounter a problem, reach out to a local contractor for help.


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