Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Have An Older Home? 3 Reasons Why You Should Change To Unvented Hot Water

Floyd Carroll

If you live in an older home, you likely have a water storage tank. Instead, you should change to unvented hot water. With unvented hot water both your cold and hot water plumbing works on the water's main pressure line. There are many reasons why you should consider changing over to unvented hot water in your home. Three of these reasons are listed below so you can decide if this is right for you.

1. Gives You A Better Hot Shower Experience

If you take a shower and there is low water pressure, this will make it difficult to rinse shampoo and conditioner out of your hair or remove soap from your body. This means you will be in the shower much longer to get everything rinsed off you. This also uses more water, increasing your monthly water bill. This can make it very frustrating for you. Also, the water in the shower will turn cold if someone uses hot water elsewhere in your home, such as running a dishwasher, and this is even more frustrating.

Fortunately, if you install unvented hot water you will not have these problems. There will be much more pressure as the water comes out of the shower head. Anyone can use hot water elsewhere in your home and it will not change the temperature of your water.

2. Saves You Space

If you currently use both hot and cold water, you have a cold water storage tank somewhere in your home. This tank may be in the attic, loft, or laundry room. No matter where the cold water storage tank is located it will save you up a lot of space by removing it. This is because these storage tanks are generally large. This not only gives you more space but also makes the room look much neater.

If the storage tank is in your attic or loft, you can store more things in these places. If the water storage tank is in the laundry room, you will have more space to organize your things.

3. More Hygienic

Over time the cold water storage tank will not have a tight seal. If so, bacteria can get inside the tank and in the water. This may come from vermin, birds, etc. If this happens, the water you use to drink, cook, and bathe is contaminated. You also have to ensure you clean the cold water storage tank periodically to remove bacteria that is inside of it. Because unvented hot water does not have a cold water storage tank, you will not have to worry about bacteria building up.

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