Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 Reasons The Refrigerant Can't Cool Your Home And The Air Conditioning Repairs That Might Be Needed To Fix It

Floyd Carroll

If your AC isn't keeping you cool, call an air conditioning repair service to find the problem. If you keep running the air conditioner, you'll probably drive up your power bill since your AC has to run longer to try to reach the desired temperature. This problem has a few causes, so the AC technician has to check different parts to find one that's malfunctioning. 

A possible reason for an AC that won't cool down is a problem with the refrigerant. Here are three things that interfere with the way refrigerant works in your AC and the repairs you might need to have done.

1. The Condenser Fan Isn't Blowing Heat Away

The fan in the condenser is important for helping the refrigerant to cool down. When the refrigerant moves through the evaporator coil inside your house, it pulls heat out of your home. When the refrigerant flows to the condenser coil outside, the heat has to be released so the refrigerant can cycle back inside and pick up more heat.

The fan blows over the condenser coil to help cool it off. If the fan isn't working, the refrigerant doesn't cool down and when it cycles back inside your house, it won't remove as much heat. A fan may stop working due to a bad capacitor or faulty motor. The air conditioning repair technician can replace either of these parts if needed.

2. The Airflow Is Blocked

If the refrigerant coils don't get enough airflow, it can affect the refrigerant. Reduced airflow could even cause the coils to ice over. If you see ice on your AC inside or outside, turn the thermostat from the cool to the fan setting to melt the ice. Call an air conditioning repair service to find out why airflow is reduced and why your AC is icy. The problem might be blocked vents or a dirty filter. The problem could even be using the wrong type of filter that's restricting airflow. Once the repair technician uncovers the problem and restores airflow, your home should start cooling again.

3. The Refrigerant Is Leaking Out

If the refrigerant leaks out and the pressure drops inside the lines, your home won't cool very well. If the leak is tiny, the leak may be so slow that your AC may not operate properly for a long time until you discover the problem. Eventually, enough refrigerant could leak out that your AC barely cools your home at all.

The air conditioning repair technician has to check the entire length of refrigerant tubing to find the leak and to make sure there is only one. If the leak is around a loose connection, they'll tighten up the line. If the leak is due to a hole, they'll need to repair the hole and then fill the refrigerant.

Contact a local air conditioning repair service to learn more. 


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