Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Three Tips To Get The Most From Your Home's Furnace

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A furnace can be one of the most important devices in your home during the winter season. However, it can be common for some homeowners to make mistakes with these systems that can compromise their performance. This can be especially true for homeowners that have only recently acquired this type of heating system. If this applies to you, using the following few tips can help you to avoid these potential issues with your furnace.

Use Hypoallergenic Air Filters

The air quality in your home will be determined by a number of different factors. However, a poorly maintained heating system can worsen the air quality in your house. This occurs because it may distribute allergens and other particulate matter through the air.

In order to minimize this risk, you should make sure to invest in hypoallergenic air filters for your system. While this type of filter will cost more than traditional ones, they are specifically designed to remove allergens and other contaminants from the air. To ensure that these filters are working as effectively as possible, you should make sure to change them every month or two.

Have The Unit's Burner Or Heating Element Professionally Serviced

Whether you have an oil burning furnace or an electric one, it will be necessary to have them regularly serviced to keep them working as efficiently as possible. For oil burning furnaces, it can be possible for oil residue to start gathering on the burner. When this happens, it can inhibit the flow of fuel, which can greatly reduce the efficiency of your system.

Electric furnaces use heating elements to warm your home. Unfortunately, these heating elements can suffer a loss of performance over the course of time. Often, this can be attributed to dust or other substances accumulating on the heating elements and insulating them. By having these parts of the system professionally serviced, you will be able to avoid these potential sources of efficiency problems.

Dust The Thermostat

The thermostat of your heating system can be an easy part to overlook. While it may not seem like the thermostat would require any maintenance, this component can accumulate dust, which may inhibit the internal sensors. As a result, this problem can cause your heating system to fail to function as expected. You can help to minimize the risk of this problem arising by dusting the thermostat's exterior on a regular basis and using compressed air to remove any dust from the interior of the unit. Contact a business, such as Butler Heating & Air, for more information.   


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