Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

  • Defining Common Acronyms You'Ll See When Shopping For Furnaces And AC Units

    Your HVAC system is the collective appliances, ducts, registers, radiators, etc. that are involved with heating and cooling your home, as well as circulating the air through it. Shopping around for a furnace or air condition can feel like reading a book in a foreign language if you're not familiar with all of the acronyms used. ACH? ECO? What do all the letters mean? Here's a look at some of the more common abbreviations you'll come across.

  • Three Important AC Tips To Start Taking Seriously

    As a homeowner, having your AC run to its highest efficiency is important to ensure that you are comfortable in your home and that your energy bills stay low. To ensure that this is happening, it's important to take these three air conditioning tips seriously: Replacing the Filter: Replacing the filter is not something that should be overlooked. This is because when the air filter gets dirty, it prevents the air from circulating properly.

  • What Features Do Smart Thermostats Offer?

    These days, it seems like most every appliance comes in a "smart" version. There are smartphones, of course, but also smart refrigerators, smart coffee pots, and even smart thermostats. The basic concept of a smart thermostat is easy to understand – it connects to the internet. But what features, exactly, do smart thermostats offer, and how do they make your life easier when it comes to heating and cooling? Here's a look.

  • 3 Steps To Clean Your AC Condensing Coil And Avoid Summer Breakdowns

    If you have ever had your AC stop working in the middle of a summer heatwave, you know how frustrating it can be. To compound the problem, it may take a while for a busy AC technician, such as Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating, to get to your home. To prevent these problems, simple maintenance is important. One of the tasks you may want to do to ensure your cooling is in good shape is clean the outdoor condensing coil of your unit.

  • What Causes Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home?

    Imagine yourself in the dead of winter. It is cold outside and as you rise out of bed to start your day, your bedroom feels like an ice box. But the temperature in the bathroom makes you sweat. What you are experiencing is referred to as hot and cold spots. There are a variety of reasons why your home may be heated (or air conditioned) unevenly. To avoid frozen toes in the kitchen and sweaty palms in the living room, you can troubleshoot what is causing hot and cold spots in your home.

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