Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 Steps To Clean Your AC Condensing Coil And Avoid Summer Breakdowns

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If you have ever had your AC stop working in the middle of a summer heatwave, you know how frustrating it can be. To compound the problem, it may take a while for a busy AC technician, such as Shenandoah Air Conditioning & Heating, to get to your home. To prevent these problems, simple maintenance is important. One of the tasks you may want to do to ensure your cooling is in good shape is clean the outdoor condensing coil of your unit. Here are some simple steps to help with the maintenance that could prevent you from costly repairs and unbearable days this summer:

1. Safety First: Find The Main And Turn Off The Power

Before you start cleaning your coil, you want to make sure you are protected from any electrical hazards. Most AC units have a main power near them, which is located in a small power box. You can just flip the switch to off here to ensure you are safe. If your AC does not have the main outside, you will want to turn it off at the breaker box or turn the main power off to your home before you start cleaning the AC coil.

2. Remove Access Panels And Find The AC Coil And Compressor

Your AC probably has several access panels to make it easier to get to parts for maintenance. There should be a larger panel covering the area where the coil is located. Remove this panel, as well as grates on the outdoor unit to begin cleaning. The coil is a copper line inside the unit and what you want to clean. If it looks black and grimy, then you can be sure that it could definitely use a good cleaning.

3. Clean The Area Of The Coil With A Pressurized Bottle And Diluted Cleaner

Before you start, remove any debris that is trapped inside the unit and sweep it out with a broom. You can use a pressure bottle like those used for pesticides and gardening fertilizer to mix a cleaning solution. Use a natural soap to spray the coil and remove any dirt. You can use a soft brush to scrub any areas where dirt is caked on. A good soft-bristled boot polishing brush works really well for these tasks. You can also lubricate moving parts, like the bearings in fans and motors to ensure your AC is efficient. Once you have everything clean and lubricated, you can put the grates and covers back on, but make sure to secure everything tightly.

These are some tips that could help you from extreme heat and an AC that doesn't work. If you need help with repairs to your AC, contact an HVAC repair service to have them help you with maintenance and repairs to your AC.


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