Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

What Features Do Smart Thermostats Offer?

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These days, it seems like most every appliance comes in a "smart" version. There are smartphones, of course, but also smart refrigerators, smart coffee pots, and even smart thermostats. The basic concept of a smart thermostat is easy to understand – it connects to the internet. But what features, exactly, do smart thermostats offer, and how do they make your life easier when it comes to heating and cooling? Here's a look.

Adjust your home's temperature remotely from your phone.

With a regular programmable thermostat, you have to guess when you'll be home. If you think you'll be home by five and set the temperature to go up around then, but then you end up coming home at 9, you've wasted four hours or heating. With a smart thermostat, you can change your home's temperature remotely from an app on your phone. You can open the app when you're leaving work and turn the temperature up so your home is nice and cozy by the time you get home, for example.

Access your thermostat from other devices if needed.

If something happens to your phone, you can still access your smart thermostat and adjust your home's temperature from another device. Most thermostat companies have websites where you can login to your account from another person's computer, tablet, or phone and then adjust your thermostat.

Let the thermostat "learn" your schedule.

Some smart thermostats are designed to "learn" your schedule. They'll detect when your smartphone is in the house and adjust the temperature (to a level you select) whenever you're home. Some systems will even use GPS to detect when you're driving your route home and then automatically adjust the temperature so your home is prepared for your arrival.

Rest assured that your pipes are safe.

If you live in an area where temperatures are often below freezing, you may worry about your pipes freezing. There are smart thermostat features intended specifically to prevent this problem. When the outdoor temperature drops below a certain level, the thermostat will automatically adjust itself to heat your home to a warmer temperature than you may have selected, preventing the pipes from freezing. This is particularly useful if you travel a lot and are not always home to monitor the outdoor temperature yourself.

To learn more about smart thermostats and which one is right for you, speak with an HVAC contractor in your area. There are several leading brands to consider, and each has its own special features and benefits. To learn more, contact a company like William W Fabian & Son Inc


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