Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Keys For Determining If Working With A Fleet Fueling Company Is Right For You

Floyd Carroll

The key to making money with a fleet of trucks or earth-moving equipment is to keep them on the road or out in the field as much as possible. In some cases, a fleet-fueling service can help by delivering fuel to where your equipment is working. On the other hand, you may have to pay more per gallon to have fuel delivered to your fleet, so you will want to calculate how much money you spend on having fuel delivered vs. hauling your equipment to a fueling station before you decide which option is right for you. 

The Cost of Driving to a Filling Station

If you have a semi truck hauling a load across country, the cost of pulling off of the road to fill up at a fuel island is negligible. On the other hand, if you have several pieces of earth-moving equipment working at a rural location, the cost of hauling that equipment to a fueling station and back should be added to the cost per gallon for filling up your equipment. To figure what this cost is, simply keep track of how much fuel you use hauling your equipment and then multiply the amount of fuel you use by the cost per gallon.

Man Hours

Another cost to consider is man hours. If you pay your employees for the time they take to haul your equipment to and from a fueling station, you should figure out how much time it takes to complete the task and then add the amount of money you pay to your employee to the cost of fuel. 

Determining which Is The Less Expensive Option

Fleet services will typically offer their fuel at a discounted bulk rate, but they will then add in transportation and other costs. As long as the total cost for having fuel delivered to your site is cheaper than the total cost for hauling your equipment to a fueling island, then you can save money by working with a fleet fueling company. 

The important thing to remember when deciding whether to work with a fleet fueling company is that while the fleet fueling company's prices should be relatively consistent—plan on some fluctuation based on national fuel prices—your costs will change based on the location of the jobs you take on. Thus, you should calculate your fuel costs before every job and then decide if you should fill your equipment before you go to the site, haul equipment to a nearby fueling station, or work with a fuel delivery company. Click here to investigate more options.   


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