Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 Reasons Your House Is Cold

Floyd Carroll

Getting your house to be a comfortable temperature can seem like a mystery to some people. Even though they are using their heater it still may feel like the house is always cold. If this is a problem for you, there might be some explanations as to why you can't seem to get a comfortable temperature in your house. Here are some reasons why your house may be cold.

1. The House Needs New Weather Stripping and/or Insulation

On every door and window in the house is an insulator. Around the doors it is called weather stripping. This is a strong piece of fiber that seals the doors when they are closed so that no air passes through. If the weather stripping is worn, which it tends to do over time, your house could be losing all the warm air that the heater is emitting. 

In addition, the windows could easily be letting the heat out. If the windows are old and not properly insulated, the air in the house will easily leave, letting cold air inside. By replacing the weather stripping and updating the windows, you will see a major difference in the temperature of your house because that warm air will not be able to escape.

2. You Are Not Using Nature's Heater, The Sun

The sun is a great way to heat your house. When it gets cold outside, open up the blinds and the drapes to let the sunlight in. The sun will naturally heat the house without you having to crank up your heater.

Conversely, at night you should close all drapes and blinds because they'll act as an additional layer of insulation that will protect your house from the cold night. 

3. Your Heater Is Not Working Properly

Lastly, you could be cranking your heater up and not seeing any results because the unit is malfunctioning. Turning up the heater in attempts to heat the house will cost you money, and, if it is not functioning right, your house will still be cold. This is why you should get a tune up at the beginning of every season.

You should also call for repair if you notice any problems such as water pooling from the area, loud noises, weird smells, or a discolored pilot light.

By understanding the reasons that your house is cold, you can avoid these mistakes and keep your house a comfortable temperature. 


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