Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Have A Window Mounted Air Conditioner? Know How To Maintain It

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A window mounted air conditioner is different from central air conditioning because it is best used to provide cool air for small space. The unit may be small, but it still needs maintenance to operate properly or it could fail prematurely. The following things should be done every couple of months to make sure it's working properly.

Change The Air Filter 

Your window mounted air conditioner could have a reusable or a disposable air filter. The filter plays a crucial role in keeping out the debris and dust from the internal guts of the air conditioner unit. Over time, this filter can become clogged. Disposable filters should be thrown out and replaced, and if it's reusable, remove the filter and wash it using warm water and soap. The manufacturer's directions should have recommendations when it comes to how often this needs to be done based on your specific unit.

Clean The Coils

An air conditioner cools the air through electrified coils inside the unit. As the air conditioner gets used, dust can build up on these coils, which should be cleaned off to improve the unit's efficiency. You can access the coils by removing the cover from the unit, typically with a screw driver. A brush or duster can be used to clean off the coils. You can also use your vacuum cleaner as well to suck out all of the dust.

Clean The Fan

A window mounted air conditioner can become very loud because of a fan blade that has become loose. You can fix this yourself by opening up the unit and tightening the fan's screw, which is located in the center of the blade and secures to the unit's motor shaft. Performing this maintenance is not something you have to do with any regularity, though if you hear noises that have been getting louder, definitely look into it.

Clean the Drains

There are drains in the unit that can have clogs in them, which cause the unit to potentially leak water into your home. These drainage ports will be found at the bottom of your window unit, but can be different based on the specific model you have. A small wire brush can be used to clean out the gunk in the drainage line and will help water drain out of the unit as intended.

If a window unit is not running properly, do not assume that you need to throw it away and get a new one. These can actually be repaired by an HVAC technician


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