Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Plumbing 101: 3 Deadly Sins You Should Avoid

Floyd Carroll

Plumbing systems are comprised of a network of pipes that work hard to bring you water—as well as transport waste away. If you are like most people, you probably don't give much thought to your plumbing system. Unfortunately, this often leads to costly mistakes that could have been avoided.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid costly mistakes by not committing these three deadly plumbing sins:

1. Using Drain Cleaner Too Often In Large Amounts

Drain cleaner can certainly be a handy tool for eliminating clogs in your drains. However, it should be used very carefully and only as directed. This is because drain cleaner is very acidic and contains many chemicals. If it is used too frequently or in large amounts, it may begin to eat away at your pipes. So instead of always using a chemical-based drain cleaner, opt for a plunger or snake. If all else fails, you might want to enlist the help of a professional, so that you don't damage your pipes.

If you are looking for a DIY clog fix that doesn't rely on commercial cleaners, opt for baking soda and vinegar. The reaction created by these two common household items is strong enough to remove most small clogs. Anything bigger should be left for a professional to handle.

2. Mismatched Pipes

Another mistake that many homeowners make is mismatching their pipes. If you do a home improvement job, make sure that you purchase the right type of pipes. Using pipes that don't match—such as galvanized metal and copper—can cause serious issues, such as corrosion. In addition, make sure that you choose the right size connectors; otherwise you may wind up with a leak. As a general rule, you should leave pipe replacement to the professionals unless you have some sort of experience.

3. Using An Outdoor Hose To Dislodge Remove A Clog

If you are like most people, you probably think that you can use the garden hose and water pressure to dislodge a clog. While this technique can work for small clogs, it can be potentially dangerous. Using water too much water pressure to remove a stubborn clog can build up and cause your pipes to break. So leave the outdoor tools outside where they belong and use only tools specified for clogs to remove them. Otherwise, you might face serious consequences such as a burst pipe, leaks, or even flooding.

Although plumbing systems are somewhat delicate, you can help keep yours healthy by avoiding these all too common mistakes. If you do commit one of these deadly plumbing sins, don't fret. By calling a professional plumber in your town, you can easily rectify any mistakes made—and get your plumbing system working smooth. Go to website to learn more about plumbing. 


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