Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

How To Replace Your Furnace Filter

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Many people do not realize that the furnace is actually an important component in the AC system. As a result, when their AC starts to lose efficiency or airflow, they don't think to check the furnace. Luckily, one of the cheapest and easiest furnace maintenance jobs can improve the functionality of your AC system. Replacing your furnace filter on a regular basis is highly recommended if you want to ensure maximum efficiency. It is a simple job that doesn't require many tools. This article explains how to properly replace a furnace filter and clean it's compartment.

Cleaning the Compartment

Many people have personally changed a furnace filter. Most will just pull the old one out and put the new one is place. However, there is a little more to the job. If you want your filter replacement to be more worthwhile, you need to also clean out the compartment or slot that is slides into. If you don't do this, it might be impossible for the new filter to sit properly. This usually means that incoming air can blow right past the filter. This air can carry dust and debris which can then clog your furnace pump. The pump is the most important component when it comes to the airflow of both your AC and heat. So, when replacing your filter, it is very important that you do the job more thoroughly and make absolutely certain that the new filter fits perfectly.

Once the old filter is out, you can clean the empty compartment. You should use a flashlight so you can actually see what you are doing. If you have a hose vacuum with a narrow and long enough attachment, you can clean all the way to the back of the compartment. If not, you will need some sort of narrow cleaning device that enables you to clean out the slot. Dust buildup is common in the slots and can be stubborn if there is moisture present. Often, you will need a hose and rags to fully clean out the slot. Make sure your slot is clean before you install the new filter.

When sliding the new filter in place, it might be helpful to keep your flashlight out and check that it slides all the way to the back of the unit. This way you can be sure that it fits right and dirty air will not be reaching your pump, slowing down your AC.

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