Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

How To Ensure HVAC Efficiency

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HVAC is one thing in your house that needs constant maintenance over the years. Unfortunately, if you fail to keep your system clean and running efficiently, you will ultimately start to see increased electricity and gas bills. Furthermore, if your major AC appliances are not regularly serviced, they will probably have a shorter lifespan. Even some basic, DIY maintenance can save you from this trouble. This article explains a few things to do to ensure that your system is running efficiently at all times.

Top Off Your Furnace Oil

First, you should always make sure that your furnace's heating oil is topped off. Some furnaces can be easily topped off by the homeowner. Others can only be refilled by professionals. To find out the options for your particular furnace, you should look at the manual. Topping off the oil is usually simple, just like you would top off the oil to your car. But, changing the oil completely, which is a necessary job that you need to do once every few years, is far more intense and should be professionally handled. When your oil gets low, your furnace needs to work harder and more stress is put on components like the burner, motor, and transformer. Basically, keeping your oil topped off will save your furnace in the long run.

Cover Your Condenser During the Winter

This is another very simple thing that many people neglect, and it ends up having a big impact on the functionality of their AC system. Covering your condenser during the winter is especially important if you live somewhere that is snows and freezes. But, it is also helpful if you live in a climate like Arizona. Basically, covering the condenser will protect the coils on the outside and inside of the condenser. It will also help to slow rusting on the fan blades. The unit will last longer if it is properly covered.

However, most provided covers aren't sufficient for ample protection from the elements, especially snow build up. A tarp or vinyl cover just won't offer enough protection. You should consider reinforcing the cover by using a single sheet of wood. Cut a piece of wood to the exact size of the top side of the condenser. Rest the wood on the top, covering the bird guard, and then put the cover on over this. Then, tape or bungee down the cover so it doesn't shift of blow away. By the time next summer rolls along, your condenser will be ready to go.

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