Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Three Reasons Why It Is Important To Change The Filter On Your Air Conditioner Regularly

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Depending on the type of air conditioning unit you own and the type of filters you use, you may need to replace the filter on your AC unit every 30, 60 or 90 days. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and change the filter regularly. However, you likely get busy or are crunched for time and have to prioritize in your life. You may wonder if just changing the air filter is really that important and something you should make a priority, or if it something that really isn't a huge deal. Here are three reasons why it is important to change the filter on your air conditioning unit regularly. 

Keeps Your Air Cleaner

One of the best reasons to replace the filter on your AC unit regularly is because it helps to keep the air inside your home as clean as possible. Filters can remove dust, dirt, dander, pollen and allergens. As your filter is used, the fibers are no longer able to hold all of the dirt and dust that it comes into contact with, allowing these items to pass into your home. Changing the filter ensures the filter can catch as much of these items as possible, making the air in your home cleaner. 

Allows Air to Properly Flow

Another benefit to regularly replacing the filter on your air conditioning unit is that a clean filter allows air to flow. When your filter is dirty, air has a harder time traveling through the filter and it takes longer. In turn, there may be less air flow coming into your AC unit, and then coming out of it. This means that you may not have as much cool or hot air blowing into your house, taking it longer for your home to heat up or cool down. 

Helps Extend the Life of Your HVAC Unit

The last reason why it is important to regularly replace the filter on your AC unit is because the filter helps to extend the life of the unit. When the filter is dirty, not only will dirt and dust blow into your home, but it will enter the unit as well. The dirt may sit on belts and hoses, wearing them down. Or dirt may enter your compressor, getting the oil dirty, which can cause extensive motor problems. If you want to minimize the repairs your unit needs and help it last as long as possible, replacing the filter as instructed in your owner's manual is a must. 

If you have forgotten to replace your filter and it has been several months, or even a year or longer, you should contact an air conditioining maintenance and repair company today. They can replace the filter and then clean out your unit to remove all of the dirt, dust and debris that may have collected inside of there before it causes any further damage. 

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