Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Floyd Carroll

GYour air conditioner is one of those household devices that some can take for granted, right up until the moment when it stops doing its job. If the weather outside is starting to heat up, you'll want to take care of your A/C to ensure that it can keep you and your family nice and cool for the length of the summer season. To that end, here are three air conditioner maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter As Needed

One of the most critical parts of your air conditioner when it comes to ensuring that it will run efficiently is the air filter. This is the part of your A/C that sucks up dust particles and allergens and prevents them from getting into the air you are about to breathe. But if your air filter is clogged, that also means that your A/C will have to work significantly harder to keep the air down at the desired temperature. Install a new filter at the start of the season and check it every month to ensure everything continues to operate smoothly.

Clean Your Outside Unit

Your outside unit can attract all kinds of dirt and debris over time. Items like grass clippings and leaves can reduce air flow and decrease operating efficiency. Turn your unit off and then grab a hose to remove this debris from the outside of the unit so it can breathe easy. If your outside unit is located near bushes or tall grass, make sure you keep the area neatly trimmed.

Get a Professional Inspection

Perhaps the best option for ensuring that your air conditioner makes it through the upcoming season is to hire a HVAC repair specialist to come out to your home and do a full inspection. In addition to helping you with the air filter or the outside unit, this contractor can also check all wiring and components, including moving parts like the fan. This professional will also likely test your thermometer and make sure the reading is accurate.

If you want to avoid a costly repair bill this summer, take the time to give your air conditioner the regular maintenance that it needs to perform at its best. Clean or replace the air filter as needed and keep the outside unit free of debris. For best results, contact a HVAC repair contractor today, such as from Soco Air Conditioning, to schedule a full inspection.


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