Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

4 AC Cost Savings Tips For The Whole Family

Floyd Carroll

With summer quickly approaching, you may be dreading the energy bills that will start rolling in once you use your air conditioning. You hate to choose between keeping your home comfortable and emptying your wallet -- and luckily, you don't have to. The following are four cost-saving tips that the entire family can employ to do a better job of saving on AC costs this summer.

1. Put A Post-It On the Thermostat

Do you have trouble with certain family members turning the thermostat down lower than you'd like it set? Maybe nobody will admit to doing this, but every day when you come home, the house is 72, rather than 76. A good solution is to put a post-it note on the thermostat. Write "Remember that each degree you turn this down costs money!" on the note. Your family members will be deterred from touching the thermostat when they see the note.

2. Close Doors to the Upstairs

Remind everyone in the family to keep doors to the upstairs of your home closed as much as possible. Warm air rises, so with the doors open, the upstairs of your home will keep getting warmer, and you'll keep having to turn down the air conditioning to keep the upstairs comfortable. With the doors closed, more of the cool air will stay upstairs, and your home will remain evenly cooled with less strain on the AC.

3. Assign the Chore of Changing the AC Filter to Someone

Forgetting to change the AC filter will cost you money in AC bills since your unit has to work harder to circulate air through a dirty filter. To ensure this chore does not get forgotten, assign it to a certain family member. Have them add it to their calendar once a month. Buy a stack of AC filters in advance, so they always have one on hand when it is needed. The thinner fiberglass filters are sufficient, though you may want a pleated cotton one if someone in your home has allergies.

4. Agree to Keep Doors and Windows Closed

You won't save on AC if everyone is not on the same page about opening and closing windows. Make sure everyone in your home -- kids included -- knows that they should close the windows and doors to keep warm air from coming in. If you find anyone in violation of this rule, make them put $1 in a jar!

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