Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

What To Do About Uneven Airflow

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Do you have a home that heats up or cools down unevenly? If you have a home that has multiple stories, the answer is almost certainly yes. Usually, the larger a home is, the more uneven the central HVAC system is. There will obviously be a few rooms in your house that don't receive as much air flow, so they end up being either too hot or too cold regardless of how often your HVAC is turned on. For instance, during the winter, you might need to pump up the heat so dramatically that other rooms in your house become too hot, while others are still not warm enough.

What to Do About Uneven Airflow

HVAC systems are bound to have these intricacies, but there are a few things you can do about it. Of course, the obvious solution is to add fans or space heaters to the rooms that need the most. However, these aren't always effective, and they can use a lot of electricity.

Booster Registers Work Great

One of the most useful things you can do to encourage even airflow throughout your house is to install booster registers in certain rooms. Booster registers are basically just like normal air registers, but they have electronic fans that propel the air further into the room. They basically suck the air out of the duct with greater force, so when are you are running your heat or AC, the temperature is easier to adjust.

Booster registers cost much more than normal registers, but even if a register costs over $100, you have to think about how much money it can end up saving you over the years. The great thing about booster registers is that you can turn them on with a simple flip of a switch, or you can have them come on automatically whenever the heat or air conditioning is turned on. It really depends on the room, and how much heat adjustment the room needs. Ultimately, these are designed to allow you to turn down the temperature on your thermostat, saving money.

With booster registers in the right rooms you can start to use less gas and electricity, and hopefully run a more energy-efficient home from day to day. Whether your goal is simply to save money or be more eco-friendly, booster registers can be a great solution to the problem of uneven airflow in just about any home. For more information, you can contact HVAC contractors like Extreme Climates.


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