Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Air Conditioning Repairs Unique To Geothermal Units

Floyd Carroll

Ask any HVAC contractor who installs geothermal air conditioner systems and they will tell you that repairs on these systems are extremely rare. When these systems and units do need repairs, the repairs are generally unique to the systems themselves. Here are those repairs, in case your own geothermal A/C ever seems to be out of sorts.

Underground Loop Is Broken

The geothermal loop is buried. What usually happens is that some sort of accident or incident causes the loop to be damaged, and then the loop is broken and does not work as it should. The only way to verify this is to first excavate down to the loop, completely uncover the loop, and then find the spot that is broken and fix it. It can get very expensive, although the vertical loop is more expensive to fix than the horizontal loop because you have to dig much deeper to uncover all of the vertical loop. 

The Pump Responsible for Circulating Air Through the Loop Is Broken

Hot air is pulled from your home and sent through the geothermal loop underground. There, the very cool temperatures of the earth cool the hotter air, and the air is then circulated back around back into your home. If the pump is not working, the hot air does not leave your home, and the air cannot circulate through the geothermal loop. Fixing the pump and its related fan will correct this problem. 

Fans in the System Are Broken

Geothermal systems rely on fans to move the air in a circle in and out of your home and through the duct work. If even one fan in the system is broken, the air will not circulate properly through the ducts. Your HVAC contractor has to locate each fan and check it to make sure it is working. The broken fan is a simple enough fix once it is found because the contractor just has to swap it out with a new fan. 

All Other Problems Are Shared Cooling System Problems

Any and all other cooling system problems with geothermal units are the same or similar to those of other types of air conditioning systems. Geothermal systems sometimes heat as well as cool, and the crossover components are what make these commonalities so similar. If you opted to have your geothermal system heat as well as cool, you might have a few more repairs in the future. 


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