Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Do You Have Slow Drains All Around The House? This Could Be A Sewer Line Problem

Floyd Carroll

If clogs are a constant problem in your drains, the problem may be deep within your septic system. You shouldn't be trying to treat clogs on your own with liquid gels and products from a local store or with your own drain snake. This can cause more damage in the long run.

Chemical products to breakup clogs can erode the pipes and cause the pipes to weaken and even crumble. Attempting to snake a drain without professional knowledge can cause it to break from pressure, or you can get the cable stuck. Instead, talk with the sewer and plumbing professionals about these things.

Clog or Crumbling Exterior

If the sewer pipes that leave the house are decades old and are damaged, this could be causing the slow draining problem, and this can imitate clogs. Possible causes of this include:

  • Tree or plant roots growth damaging the pipes
  • Structure of the pipe crumbling from age and material decomposition
  • Weathering damages to the pipe
  • Movement from soil and foundation that causes cracks, allowing dirt, gravel, or sand inside the pipe

If the exterior pipe has been damaged and now the water can't flow to the septic system or main water lines, this could be causing the problems. The sewer experts will use a camera that goes internally through the pipes to find the source of the problem.

Large Buildup Clogs

There could be clogs and buildup anywhere in the pipes, from right under the shower and sink drains to deep into the plumbing system. Hair, items dropped down the drain, and other debris can collect over time and cause slow draining. Small turn areas and narrowing pipes can also be a problem. Have the plumbing experts look into these concerns to see if they are the cause and if the pipes can be cleaned and flushed for an easy fix.

When you have a clog that is causing water backup all through the sinks, drains, and other areas throughout the house, this indicates that you have a water draining problem that is related to the main sewer lines. Talk with the local sewer line inspection and treatment company in your area to get an assessment of the damages, and to see what will be needed to fix this dilemma.

Ignoring the problem not only causes more damage internally, but it could do damage around the exterior home as well if the water is leaking or affecting the soil around your home. Don't drag your feet, and get this problem fixed fast by a local service like Best Care Home Services


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