Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Problems That May Impact Your Home's HVAC System

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Problems with the air conditioning system can leave your home feeling uncomfortable. However, homeowners will often fail to appreciate the full range of problems that can impact their HVAC system. This can leave them unprepared for when one of these problems starts to occur with their system.

Humidity Issues

Ineffective humidity control can make the interior of a home sticky and stuffy while also contributing to water damage from condensation. An air conditioning system that is working effectively should be able to remove the excess humidity from the air so that these issues are avoided. Unfortunately, there can be a variety of malfunctions that will prevent the system from being able to effectively regulate the humidity. A professional evaluation will be needed if the cause of the humidity issues are to be identified.

Insufficient Cooling

An air conditioning system that is unable to effectively cool the entire home may simply be too weak or small for the space that is needing the cooling. If your home has always suffered from not getting enough cooling from the HVAC system, upgrading to a higher capacity unit can address this issue so that the entire interior of the home will be kept cool. For those that find that their air conditioning system has suddenly lost the capacity to cool the home, it will be necessary to inspect the exterior unit to ensure that the intake vents are clear. If the vents are clear, problems with the blower or the condensation coils could be the source of the problem, and they will require professional repairs to correct.

Increasing Electrical Usage

You should monitor the amount of electricity that your home's HVAC system needs in order to function. This will be useful for evaluating whether the system is functioning as designed. Often, mechanical and maintenance problems with the HVAC system will result in an increase in the amount of energy that is being used. By making it a point to closely monitor the monthly energy needs of the air conditioning system, you can know when these particular problems are occurring.

Smells When The Unit Is Running

Stale and musty odors coming from the unit can be a warning sign that mold is growing inside the unit. In addition to making the home a less-sanitary place, this could also result in the HVAC unit suffering major damage. One of these sources of damage will be due to the mold growing on moving components. This can jam the components, which can require major replacements to repair. Contact a local HVAC repair shop for more tips and tricks or to get help making repairs to your system.


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