Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Considerations Of AC Repairs In Stationary Tiny Homes

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A stationary tiny home is one that has been built on a permanent foundation with the intent to not be mobile. With this type of tiny home, you will likely consider a built-in air conditioning system of some kind, since window units may be too large for the dimensions of the home's window designs. This limits you to the type of air conditioner you can have and the type of ac repairs you may face. Here are the types of systems available and the types of repairs you may face with each one.

Ductless Air Conditioning System

A ductless air conditioning system offers several benefits to the tiny home owner. The system uses an external condenser unit and internal air handlers. The air handlers circulate the air throughout the tiny home. However, if you have a loft area or you have smaller hallways leading into a kitchen or bathroom, you will want to have more than one handler to make sure the air stays moving throughout the home. The condenser will create cold air to move through the handlers. The benefit of this type of system is to give you the ability to have both air conditioning and heating with the same unit without an additional installation. The ac repairs for this unit are minimal and may require only a replacement of one of the components. 

Mini-Split System 

A mini-split system is a common option for tiny home owners. This option is similar to a traditional system in that you can control the temperature easily with the use of a thermostat. The system also does not require any ductwork, similar to a ductless air system. The mini-split does not use a condenser either. It is all indoors and can be used in multiple rooms. It can also provide heat so you do not have to concern yourself with a separate heating unit. The mini-split system can have ac repairs that require a new fan replacement, belt replacement, and some hardware replacement if the motor should burn out in the units. 

Personalized Window Units

You may find that you want to keep the idea of window units. If this is the case, you can have a personalized window unit built. There are some companies that offer custom made and custom sized units that are traditionally for recreational vehicles or camper units of some kind. These units can be installed by an HVAC technician and work the same as a traditional window unit. AC repairs for this type of unit may include refrigerant repairs if the cooling element stops, motor repairs if the motor seized, or fan repairs from outside debris and damage. 

When you have decided on the type of air conditioning system you would like, contact your local HVAC contractor. They can help you with installation and can discuss the possible repairs and maintenance you may need with the system. They can also prepare you for the type of servicing and costs that the system may have in the future.

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