Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Heating System Repairs You Might Need When Your Furnace Stops Blowing Hot Air

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If your furnace stops blowing hot air, your home can get chilly fast. While this is a problem you want to get fixed right away, it doesn't necessarily mean your furnace has a major issue. Here's a look at some simple things that cause your furnace to stop blowing hot air and some serious issues that will need the help of a heating repair professional.

DIY Fixes For Your Furnace When The Air Isn't Hot

Check the filter. When your furnace malfunctions, it's always a good idea to check the filter first. If it's dirty, change it to ensure good airflow over the heat exchanger. If the furnace is blowing air, but it isn't hot, you might suspect a problem with the thermostat settings. Verify the thermostat is set properly and at the right temperature. Also, make sure the batteries aren't dying or dead in the thermostat.

Professional Repairs Your Furnace May Need

When you call a heating system repair service to solve your problem, the technician has several things to check. Many things can cause a furnace to stop blowing hot air. However, if the furnace is blowing lukewarm or cool air, that can rule out some issues and help the technician narrow down the cause. The problem with your furnace might be the heating elements if your furnace is electric or the ignition area of the furnace is gas. These parts of a furnace are responsible for creating heat that gets picked up by the blower fan.

An electric furnace has multiple heating elements, so if one doesn't work, there might not be enough heat to get the air to the right temperature. Sometimes, a bad heating element will cause the furnace to shut down, so the heating repair technician has to troubleshoot the electrical system to find the malfunction.

Several things can go wrong with a gas furnace ignition system that keeps the burners from igniting and creating heat. A simple cause is a dirty sensor or dirty pilot flame area. The problem could even be as complicated as a malfunction in the control board of the furnace that's supposed to detect flames in the combustion area. The technician may clean the soot and dirt from the flame sensor and ignition area and test parts to find one that's malfunctioning so it can be repaired or replaced.

Another potential problem with an electric or gas furnace that blows lukewarm air is when there's a leak in the ducts. This allows hot air to leak out, and it also allows cold attic air to get sucked into the heating system. The solution to this problem is to replace or repair the leaky ducts so your home warms up.

Reach out to a heating system repair professional for more information. 


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