Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Essential Maintenance Checklist For Your Residential Air Conditioner

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If you're like the vast majority of homeowners, you're guilty of not paying attention to your air conditioner until you notice that something's wrong with it. Indeed, neglecting the need for regular AC maintenance is one of the main culprits behind AC malfunction and huge AC repair bills.

So, what does it take to keep your space-cooling equipment running smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal downtime? There are several things you can do to avoid air conditioning problems that cost a lot of money to repair and leave you sweating on hot days. Here's an essential AC maintenance checklist for you.

Replace Your Air Filter

One of the most important AC maintenance tasks is to replace your air filter regularly. The air filter's job is to prevent airborne dirt particles from entering your air conditioning system. This ensures the cold air output is clean and healthy. 

Over time, the air filter gets clogged with dirt. If it is not replaced in good time, the clogged filter will start to restrict the airflow, causing your air conditioning system to blow warm air instead of cold. Frequent air filter changes are necessary to allow sufficient airflow within your AC system so that the cold air can keep coming.

Check the Refrigerant Level

Air conditioning systems rely on refrigerant to deliver cooling performance in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This working fluid absorbs heat from your home's indoor environment and dissipates it outside. That's why the air that is returned to your home feels colder.

While air conditioners aren't meant to lose refrigerant, a loss of refrigerant may occur if you have a leak within your AC system. Checking your refrigerant level from time to time will help to know when an AC regas may be required.

Clean Your Evaporator and Condenser Units

Over time, a lot of dirt may collect on the indoor evaporator units and outdoor condenser units of your air conditioning system. If the dirt isn't removed regularly, it can reduce the efficiency of the internal components of both units, resulting in an overall decline in the performance of your home's cooling system.

A thorough cleaning of all vital AC components should be carried out on a regular basis to minimize the stress on the entire system.

An air conditioner is a must-have for modern homes, especially those located in hot climates. The best way to maintain your home's AC system is to let a professional air conditioning contractor work for you. 


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