Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

AC System Maintenance To Ensure Your Cooling Is Working Efficiently This Summer

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The air conditioning in your home is going to need maintenance to ensure it works efficiently. There is maintenance that you need to do before turning the AC on for summer. This helps ensure the AC is working efficiently and prevents problems during hot weather. The following AC system maintenance will ensure your cooling is working efficiently when you need it:

Check Electrical Components

The electrical components of your AC should be checked when servicing it before summer. This can start by turning the system on and turning the temperature down until the system turns on. If there is a problem, the AC may not turn on as it should. Any electrical problems should be repaired before you need to use your cooling. During other maintenance, the system will need to be turned off for safety.

Service the AC Condensing Unit

The AC condensing unit also needs to be serviced before the summer. This should start with inspecting the exterior of the unit for signs of damage. Problems with damage to the fan or fins of the coil need to be repaired. You also want to have the unit cleaned before turning on your AC for the summer. The AC system maintenance service can also test the gas levels in the compressor to ensure your system doesn't have any refrigerant leaks.

Inspect Filters, Vents, and AC Ducts

The filters of your system also need to be changed before you turn the HVAC to cooling. When you are changing the AC air filter, other things need to be checked. First, you need to adjust dampers for cooling. You also want to inspect the ducts for air leaks and check all the vents to make sure there is good airflow and circulation. Any problems with the vents or ducts are going to need to be repaired before you start using your system.

Check the Thermostat Settings

The thermostat also needs to be checked before you start using the AC. This should start by making sure it is on the right settings for cooling. The AC maintenance service can also help with the thermostat by calibrating it with the air conditioner. You may want to have the old thermostat replaced with a newer, programmable model. This can improve the efficiency of your AC and ensure it doesn't need to be replaced in the middle of summer.

The AC maintenance will help with efficiency and reduce problems with failure this summer. Contact an AC system maintenance service for help getting this work done before you need your cooling.


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