Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

5 HVAC Upgrades That Increase Quality Of Life

Floyd Carroll

Upgrades to your HVAC system can improve your comfort and health, while sometimes also saving you money. The following are five upgrades that you should consider for your system.

1. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is more than a programmable thermostat. Not only can you program it to specific temperatures at certain times, but you can also control it from a smartphone or computer when you aren't home. Some also monitor home usage habits so that the temperature is automatically adjusted to your preferred comfort level only when you are expected to be home.

2. Inline Air Purification

Dust, mold spores, and pet dander are just a few of the indoor pollutants that can make you miserable. Although the filtration in your existing HVAC will remove some of these pollutants, it may not be able to remove all of them. If you need a little boost for cleaner air, ask your HVAC contractor about an inline air purification system. These are hooked into the air intake of your HVAC system so that all air pulled through the system is thoroughly cleaned before passing through and recirculating through your home.

3. Automatic Registers

An automatic register, also called a smart vent, opens and closes automatically to control the flow of air into a room. These can be just the thing to remedy rooms that heat or cool more quickly compared to the rest of the house, as the automatic operation helps control airflow much better when compared to a standard register.

4. Duct Wrap

Noisy ducts can be frustrating, especially if they have been inspected and there is nothing wrong with them. The ducts are encased in the wrap, which provides insulation against both duct noise and energy loss through the duct walls. This means wrapping your ducts may also help you save on your overall heating and cooling bills, as well as cutting down on the noise. 

5. Humidity Control

Homes can be prone to humidity in the summer months, even though the HVAC system is pulling out some of the air moisture as it runs. If you have high humidity problems then consider installing a dehumidifier on your system to help control humidity levels in the house. For homes with the opposite problem, which is exceptionally dry air in the winter months, a humidifier can help add back some air moisture. 

Contact an HVAC contractor if you want to learn more about these system upgrades.


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