Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 Common Causes Of AC Failure And Why An AC Technician Should Repair It

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The summer heat can rise to an unbearable level in your house. When this happens, your efforts to turn on the ceiling fans, install sun-blocking shades, and open windows may not efficiently help cool the house the way an air conditioner would do. This means staying inside the house during the hot season can be quite unpleasant without an air conditioning unit. Also, you may not want to spend more time in the house when the AC unit isn't working. 

Several things can cause the unit to malfunction, making the indoor environment quite unbearable. When this happens, the air conditioner will not function when you need it most. However, an AC technician can help identify the issues the unit may have developed and fix them before they become too expensive for you. See some of the reasons your AC unit may fail and why only a professional technician should repair it.

Low Refrigerant

Most AC units require refrigerant to keep the air cool. In case it no longer blows out cool air, the culprit could be a low refrigerant level that could occur due to refrigerant leaks. Since the leaks occur gradually, they can make the AC unit fail unexpectedly. Also, the leaking refrigerant is toxic to your health and the environment. Some leaks occur outside the unit and are easily visible. However, other leaks, especially those that occur inside the unit, are a bit hard to spot. So whether the refrigerant leaks are major or minor, ensure you call in a technician to repair them and recharge the AC system. 

Fan Problems

The fans blow cool air inside and heat outside the house. They can, however, stop working properly due to dirt buildup and lack of lubricants. Check your air conditioner for early signs of fan problems. The signs may include poor airflow or lack of enough cool air. If you notice such signs, contact an AC technician to repair the damaged fan. Otherwise, you may risk having a major problem, such as a damaged compressor. If you don't act fast, the unit may even later break down completely. 

Worn-Out Parts

Just like any other machine, the performance of your AC unit may slow down over time due to the prolonged wear and tear of its components. Therefore, ask an air conditioning repair technician to inspect its important parts, such as the electrical connections, fan blades, and compressor, particularly if your air conditioner is old. If you replace any worn part before it fails, you will avoid emergency AC repairs in the future. 

An AC unit is bound to develop problems no matter how much you try to avoid them. Proper AC maintenance is good, but it won't prevent the AC unit from developing some problems someday. However, the unit will always show certain signs that can help you know all is not well with it. Do not wait until the AC system stops working completely. Instead, call in a professional to diagnose the problem and repair it accordingly. This can help save more time, money, and stress of having a malfunctioning AC unit in the middle of an unforgiving summer. 


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