Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

3 AC Repairs You Might Need When Your Equipment Fails Due To Neglect

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Your AC might break down due to old age, a lightning strike, or worn-down parts, but it can also break down due to neglect. For your AC to operate properly, both the air handler and condenser have to be clean and in good repair. Here are some AC repairs you might need to have done if you fail to maintain your AC equipment properly.

1. Replace A Bad Motor Capacitor

Your air conditioner has capacitors that help the motors start up. A capacitor holds an electrical charge so when the blower or condenser fan motor starts up, the motor can get the extra boost of power it needs. There is a capacitor in the air handler and the condenser. These are affordable parts that can go bad for several reasons, including old age.

The AC repair technician can test the capacitor with a multimeter to tell when it's bad. However, the technician might also tell by the way the AC tries to start up that it isn't getting enough power due to a bad capacitor. Replacing a bad capacitor is a fairly common AC repair and the chances of needing to replace a capacitor could be greater when you don't maintain your equipment properly and the motors and other parts strain to work properly.

2. Remove Ice And Clean Refrigerant Lines

When the refrigerant coils in your air conditioner get dirty, it often starts a chain reaction that leads to ice formation on the coils and equipment. Your AC can't work very well once it ices over, and the equipment might shut down until you call an AC repair service for help.

The ice has to be allowed to thaw out so the coils can be reached to be serviced. Thawing out the ice might take a long time, but running the fan with the AC off might help. The melting ice could potentially cause water damage around your equipment if you don't keep the excess water mopped up.

Once the unit has thawed, the AC repair technician can look at the refrigerant lines closely and determine the cause of the ice formation. If the problem is an accumulation of dust, the technician can clean the coils and get them ready to operate properly.

3. Repair Damage From Overheating

Obstructed airflow can be a serious problem for the air conditioning condenser. When the parts in the condenser overheat, they can struggle to operate and even break down. One cause of obstructed airflow is bent fins along the outside of the condenser.

If you get regular AC tune-ups, the fins get checked regularly and straightened out when needed. If you neglect your air conditioner, you may not even notice the fins are bent and causing your AC to overheat. Your AC might shut itself down to prevent damage to the parts, but if not, the parts inside the condenser might burn out.

If your AC isn't working and the AC repair technician discovers a lot of smashed fins that block airflow, they'll straighten the fins and then determine the extent of damage done to the internal parts of the AC. The fan motor, capacitor, or even the compressor might need to be replaced due to overheating. To learn more, contact companies like Kevin Robinson's Heating & Cooling.


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