Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Information To Provide When Calling About HVAC Repairs

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When your furnace or air conditioner breaks, the first call you make should be to an HVAC contractor. They'll schedule a time to come look over the equipment, find out what is wrong, and make the necessary repairs. When you make this call, any information you can provide the HVAC company with will help them better plan for your appointment. Here are a few key pieces of equipment you should gather before making this call.

Make and Model of Your Equipment

Many HVAC companies will repair and service all brands. But some do have certain brands they won't work on, either because they don't have experience with those brands or cannot stock the parts. So, go take a look at your furnace or AC unit — whichever one needs repairs — and jot down the brand name and model. Often, the model number is found just inside the main furnace cover, which you can easily remove by pulling it out or sliding it to the side. On an AC unit, you can often find the model number on a metal plate on the side of the equipment.

Problems You've Been Noticing

Telling your HVAC company that your heat isn't working or your AC is blowing warm air is helpful, but if you can provide more detail than this, you should. Tell them any other bothersome or questionable issues you've noticed in the past few days. Was the furnace making a strange noise? Did you turn up the thermostat, but not notice a difference in temperature? It's better to include more detail here because you never know what might clue your HVAC technician into the cause of the problem.

Whether Your Home Is Currently Comfortable

Is your home a little chilly, but okay for the time being? Or is it so cold in there that you're worried about your pipes freezing? Let the HVAC company know how urgent your situation is. They can then determine whether to treat your situation as an emergency HVAC service, which may cost a bit more. If the situation can wait a day or two, then they may not have to charge you quite as much.

Making the call to an HVAC repair company is the best way to get the ball rolling in terms of servicing your furnace or AC unit. Make sure you provide the information above when you call. Doing so will simplify and streamline the process. 

Contact a local air conditioning company for more information. 


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