Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Does Your House Always Seem Infinitely Dusty After A Construction Project? Get Duct Cleaning Today

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If you feel like your home has been dusty and the air quality hasn't been great since you've had some construction done, it's time to get the air ducts cleaned. Air quality in the home is a top concern, and a heating and cooling professional can help you address these concerns.

Construction debris, drywall dust, and other contaminants could be trapped in the ducks, spreading around the house, and polluting the air every time you turn on the furnace. Ask the HVAC service professional about these things today.

Duct Cleaning Services

An HVAC team will have equipment that sucks all the dust and debris out of the ducts throughout the ventilation system. A suction system will remove these things without damaging the alignment or construction of the ducts.

An anti-bacterial and anti-microbial cleaning agent can be misted throughout the ductwork. This is to kill any mold and mildew spores or kill bacteria from pests. Once this is done, it should stop dust and debris from spreading while the furnace and air conditioner are running.

Air Filter Replacement

You need to replace the air filter in your furnace and air conditioner since you now have clean ducts. The HVAC team can pull out the old filters, and then service the unit to clean out any internal dust and lint, or other debris. This also stops the old dust from spreading around the clean ducts.

Humidifier Installation

There may have been some drywall dust and sawdust from the construction project, along with regular dust and debris since the house was built living in the ducts. Have a humidifier installed on the furnace to keep the air moist throughout the home. This will prevent dust from forming in the future and help to prevent health concerns that occur when the air in the house is too dry.

If the vents and the ducts weren't sealed off properly when the construction project started, and now you feel like your house is always full of dust and construction debris, the problem could be that there is a lot of dust living in your ductwork. Talk with the professionals and get the treatment that you need, and have the ducts cleaned.

This is going to improve the air quality throughout your home, and the HVAC service member will be able to look at your ducts with a camera to make sure that everything is functioning and in proper alignment.

For residential air duct cleaning, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.


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