Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing An AC Unit For Your Office

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Air conditioning is necessary for an office setting to maintain comfortable temperatures for everyone clamped in one space. This is because an AC improves indoor air quality and regulates humidity levels. Ultimately, this provides optimum working conditions, enhancing productivity. Therefore, you should hire an AC installation expert to assess your premise and determine the best unit to meet your needs. Note that they will help you in the pre-decision, selection, and installation of your cooling system for peak performance. The following are the factors to consider when choosing an AC unit for your office.

The Size of Your Premises

Every AC appliance has a specific capacity to adequately cool a given office space. As such, a small office space will require an AC with a lower capacity, while a bigger capacity unit is required for a larger space. Given this, failure to take your office dimensions can lead to selecting the wrong unit size. Note that installing an AC unit that is too small for your office will force it to run constantly. On the other hand, an oversized cooling unit will attain the set temperature too quickly and short cycle. Thus, you must calculate your office square footage for the right cooling capacity.

The Space Required for Installation

The market offers a wide range of AC appliances to install in your office space. This means that different AC units have various modes of operation hence different installations. For instance, a central AC would be ideal if you have a landscape office setting. That said, a centralized system requires intrusive ductwork installation, requiring ample space through the wall. Moreover, a large partitioned office setting demands a zoning cooling system such as a multi-split AC. This implies adequate clearance on each side of every unit to facilitate proper airflow.

Check For the Noise Level

A quiet working environment is vital for staff concentration and enhanced productivity. Since modern units integrate sound-dampening technology, you should choose one with the lowest decibels levels. For example, mini-split ACs have variable fan speeds, making them exceptionally quiet. On the other hand, a central AC system is relatively quiet as the noisy outdoor unit is located on the exterior. This way, you can ensure a cooling appliance with low noise levels for a less disruptive operation.

A Reliable Contractor

If you decide to install the AC yourself, you can cause it to malfunction. For example, you can install the AC in the wrong location, causing it to short cycle and deteriorate much faster. Additionally, the wrong unit placement can be in a hard-to-access spot, making it difficult to undertake maintenance. Therefore, you must engage an HVAC contractor with the expertise to install AC units for peak performance.

The right AC unit will provide cool temperatures for optimum working conditions. Therefore, you should book an appointment with an HVAC installation contractor for more information. 


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