Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Three Cool Ways To Repair An AC Compressor

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An air conditioning compressor repair is one of the most common jobs undertaken by HVAC service engineers. It is a key component of any air conditioning system, so any service of an HVAC unit should include a thorough inspection of the compressor. Basically, its function is to circulate refrigerant. This is needed for effective heat exchange through the coils of both domestic and commercial AC units. Note that an AC compressor repair may also be required for indoor and outdoor units alike.

When an AC compressor malfunctions, it will typically lead to reduced cooling capacity coupled with increased energy consumption. Although a residential AC unit replacement may be more cost-effective in some cases, it is more usual for an AC compressor repair to be recommended among larger units. How are air conditioning compressor repairs carried out? Read on to learn more.

Capacitor Exchanges

The first AC compressor repair that is likely to be tried during a service to an HVAC system is that the unit's capacitor will be exchanged. AC compressors' motors rely on their capacitors to store and supply electrical energy. This power is supplied when a unit starts up so an AC that won't turn on could be caused by the capacitors in compressors. However, capacitors are also needed to keep many types of AC units running. When the capacitor hasn't failed completely, the motor may run but only do so inefficiently. Symptoms of a bad capacitor include humming but not running, noisy operations, or units that shut down shortly after being turned on.

Coil Cleaning

Another possible repair method that will mean a full residential air conditioning replacement is not required involves cleaning the compressor's coils. Over time, condenser coils can become dirty or clogged, especially among outdoor units. This will inevitably restrict the heat transfer from the compressor that is necessary for the desired cooling process to take place. This situation often means the compressor has to work harder, eventually resulting in overheating. Preventive cleaning of your AC system's coils can prevent this problem.

Refrigerant Balancing

Another method of compressor repair that could follow an inspection of your system is the rectification of refrigerant problems. AC compressor problems sometimes stem from improper refrigerant levels. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause compressors to malfunction when the recommended pressure isn't maintained. Excess refrigerant, known as overcharging, can put undue stress on AC compressors, while too little refrigerant will make the compressor work harder than necessary. Setting refrigerants to the recommended level often resolves these issues.

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