Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

  • AC System Maintenance To Ensure Your Cooling Is Working Efficiently This Summer

    The air conditioning in your home is going to need maintenance to ensure it works efficiently. There is maintenance that you need to do before turning the AC on for summer. This helps ensure the AC is working efficiently and prevents problems during hot weather. The following AC system maintenance will ensure your cooling is working efficiently when you need it: Check Electrical Components The electrical components of your AC should be checked when servicing it before summer.

  • HVAC Repair: Signs That You Need Air Duct Repair

    Your HVAC ducts play a crucial role in your home's heating system. An HVAC repair technician can help to facilitate efficient air duct function to move warm air into your rooms. In the hot season, ducts allow cool air from the AC unit to flow into the areas you need to cool. With time, your air ducts age, sag, and break at the joints. This hampers smooth heating and cooling.

  • When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service?

    Did you know it's advisable to get air conditioning repair in the months leading up to summer? As a wise homeowner, you don't want to get into those hot months when your air conditioner is out of order. Luckily, you can request reliable air conditioning services to fix it in good time. Fortunately, you can spot those obvious signs that indicate your AC needs a tune-up. You should never ignore these signs, and you shouldn't opt for a DIY fix.

  • 5 Reasons Only A Professional Should Fix Your Air Conditioner

    The AC is one of the most complicated appliances in your home, and it will have problems from time to time. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to fix it themselves or call the local handyman. In the best-case scenario, a person who is not trained in AC maintenance will do patchwork and postpone the problem. In the worst case, they will leave the HVAC unit irreparably damaged.

  • Pilot Light Problems? Possible Repair Issues You May Face

    Gas furnaces continue to be popular with homeowners because of their ability to create efficient, convenient heat. Unlike electric models, furnaces that use natural gas, fuel oil, or propane as fuel require an ignition component called a pilot light to ignite the burner each time the thermostat tells the furnace to cycle on and produce heat.  If a repair issue arises that prevents the pilot light from lighting or staying lit after being lighted, the furnace cannot cycle on and create heat.

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