Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

  • 4 AC Cost Savings Tips For The Whole Family

    With summer quickly approaching, you may be dreading the energy bills that will start rolling in once you use your air conditioning. You hate to choose between keeping your home comfortable and emptying your wallet -- and luckily, you don't have to. The following are four cost-saving tips that the entire family can employ to do a better job of saving on AC costs this summer. 1. Put A Post-It On the Thermostat

  • 3 Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

    GYour air conditioner is one of those household devices that some can take for granted, right up until the moment when it stops doing its job. If the weather outside is starting to heat up, you'll want to take care of your A/C to ensure that it can keep you and your family nice and cool for the length of the summer season. To that end, here are three air conditioner maintenance tips to keep in mind.

  • 4 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks That Need To Be Done By Spring

    Before spring arrives, you want to do some maintenance to your AC. Some of the maintenance that needed is simple cleaning and changing filters. There may also be a few repairs that need to be done before you need you cooling again during the summer months. Here are some of the AC maintenance tasks that need to be done for your home before spring arrives: 1. Removing Weatherization After Winter Weather Dangers Have Passed

  • Three Reasons Why It Is Important To Change The Filter On Your Air Conditioner Regularly

    Depending on the type of air conditioning unit you own and the type of filters you use, you may need to replace the filter on your AC unit every 30, 60 or 90 days. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and change the filter regularly. However, you likely get busy or are crunched for time and have to prioritize in your life. You may wonder if just changing the air filter is really that important and something you should make a priority, or if it something that really isn't a huge deal.

  • How To Ensure HVAC Efficiency

    HVAC is one thing in your house that needs constant maintenance over the years. Unfortunately, if you fail to keep your system clean and running efficiently, you will ultimately start to see increased electricity and gas bills. Furthermore, if your major AC appliances are not regularly serviced, they will probably have a shorter lifespan. Even some basic, DIY maintenance can save you from this trouble. This article explains a few things to do to ensure that your system is running efficiently at all times.

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