Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Learning About Commercial Air Conditioning Units

  • Pilot Light Problems? Possible Repair Issues You May Face

    Gas furnaces continue to be popular with homeowners because of their ability to create efficient, convenient heat. Unlike electric models, furnaces that use natural gas, fuel oil, or propane as fuel require an ignition component called a pilot light to ignite the burner each time the thermostat tells the furnace to cycle on and produce heat.  If a repair issue arises that prevents the pilot light from lighting or staying lit after being lighted, the furnace cannot cycle on and create heat.

  • Essential Maintenance Checklist For Your Residential Air Conditioner

    If you're like the vast majority of homeowners, you're guilty of not paying attention to your air conditioner until you notice that something's wrong with it. Indeed, neglecting the need for regular AC maintenance is one of the main culprits behind AC malfunction and huge AC repair bills. So, what does it take to keep your space-cooling equipment running smoothly, efficiently, and with minimal downtime? There are several things you can do to avoid air conditioning problems that cost a lot of money to repair and leave you sweating on hot days.

  • Heating System Repairs You Might Need When Your Furnace Stops Blowing Hot Air

    If your furnace stops blowing hot air, your home can get chilly fast. While this is a problem you want to get fixed right away, it doesn't necessarily mean your furnace has a major issue. Here's a look at some simple things that cause your furnace to stop blowing hot air and some serious issues that will need the help of a heating repair professional. DIY Fixes For Your Furnace When The Air Isn't Hot

  • Tips For Choosing And Installing An Air Conditioning System In A Vacation Rental

    A reliable air conditioning system can strengthen the appeal of your vacation rental. However, as a property owner, you are the one who incurs the costs of running and maintaining the AC. Making the wrong decisions at the buying and installation stage can cost you a lot of money and reduce your returns. Thus, consider the following tips to ensure you get the best returns from the installation. Choose a Low-Maintenance Unit

  • Why Is Your AC Not Turning On?

    Even though most people are coming out of the warm months of summer, there is still plenty of time for your AC to cause issues. Of all the potential problems — weird sounds, irregular temperatures, poor air quality — the most frustrating is when your AC unit simply won't turn on at all. Below are a few reasons why that may be happening; if you experience any of them, contact an HVAC company to schedule an AC repair appointment immediately.

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